Renovate First, Sell for More, Pay at Closing.

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is pleased to announce a new partnership with Curbio. This pre-sale home renovation company helps you make significantly more money on the sale of your home, without the hassle or upfront costs of working with a traditional home improvement company.

Curbio will transform your property into the move-in ready listing buyers are looking for, and you don't pay until closing. Whether the house sells in six days or six months, the cost is the same. From kitchen and bath remodels to HVAC and roofing, mold remediation to landscaping, Curbio handles all the renovations and repairs required to get your home ready for market. 

When working with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Curbio, we’re on your team and we have one goal: getting your house on the market quickly so it can sell for the highest possible price.


Why Partner with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate & Curbio?

Leave the Closing Table with Significantly More Money.

The majority of buyers today are looking for "move-in ready." Homes that are outdated or in need of repair attract low-ball offers and sit on the market for months. Instead of eliminating a huge portion of potential buyers or selling cheap, let us help. Curbio’s renovations are designed to appeal to buyers, increase sale price, and maximize net proceeds. You'll invest in the renovations that matter most and make more money on the sale of your home.

On average, Curbio's renovations yield a 209% ROI for home sellers.

Avoid the Stress of a Typical Home Improvement Project.

Curbio's turnkey renovations are easy and painless for Sellers. Your Project Manager will oversee the entire renovation, you won't need to make tedious design choices, order materials, or trek to the hardware store. And, of course, you won't pay a dime until settlement.

Renovate in Weeks, Not Months.

Through its tech-enabled approach, Curbio prepares estimates quickly, finishes projects on time, and provides seamless communication along the way. Plus, Curbio has curated a portfolio of materials that are high-quality and readily available, allowing them to shrink project timelines and help you get to market quickly.

Listing without Renovating

  • Drive away buyers who want move-in ready homes
  • Spend months on the market fielding low-ball offers
  • Sell for below market value
  • Let a bargain hunter flip your home for a huge profit

DPMRE + Curbio

  • Pay for renovations at closing
  • Make smart updates, sell for the highest possible price, and make more money
  • Spend fewer days on market
  • A hassle-free renovation handled by an expert Project Manager

Traditional Home Improvement

  • Cash or credit required upfront
  • Risk investing in renovations that won't increase sale price
  • Vet and hire subcontractors and hope they meet deadlines
  • A stressful time-consuming process

There's no reason to sell your home for less than its true value. To get started, contact a Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent today.


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